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Re: ldap_bind: Protocol error

"Dr. Ian C. Smith" wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been running an openLDAP v. 2.0.7 server for a while, but it's
> suddenly come up with this error when I do an ldapsearch:
> ldap_bind: Protocol error
>          additional info: version not supported
> Any ideas were the hell this has come from ???? The client is on the same
> machine as the server so I don't see the problem. Which protocol is not
> supported anyway -- LDAP, TCP, IP ????????

The auth protocol. I guess you are doing plain text auth and you suddenly
switched form one client, using LDAPv2 libraries, to another (or the same,
recompiled) with LDAPv3 libraries. In case of ldapsearch, to perform plain
text bind you need to add -x to the OpenLDAP 2.0 version where the
OpenLDAP 1.X was working as expected.

Dr. Pierangelo Masarati  mailto:ando@sys-net.it
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