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Odd performance problem with substring index

I have an odd problem with OpenLDAP 2.0.7 that I'd like some input on.

I'm setting up a catalog with approximately a million nodes in it.  My
problem is that the performance of a substring index seems half arbitrary,
dependent on where in the search string I put globs (*) -- _sometimes_
OpenLDAP seems to do a linear search, even though the attribute searched on
is indexed.

To be more concrete, the relevant part of my catalog structure is like

     - uid: foo
     - mail: foo@domain2.com
     - ...

Now, I have eq and sub indexes on the mail attribute, so I expect the
following searches to return the correct result pretty quickly:

1. (mail=foo@domain2.com)
2. (mail=*foo@domain2.com*)
3. (mail=*foo@domain2.com)
4. (mail=foo@domain2.com*)
5. (mail=foo@doma*in2.com)
6. (mail=foo@*domain2.com)
7. (mail=f*oo@domain2.com)

My observation is that only searches 1 and 2 respond quickly (<0.1sec),
while the others use several minutes, pretty much the same time as a search
on a non-indexed attribute.

However, if I add another glob to searches 5-7, I can get better
performance.  The following perform quickly:


...while the following are very slow:


Is it a known issue?  If so: is there a general work-around I can rely on?

Apart from this issue, I'm happy with the performance of OpenLDAP with a
million nodes.  Even the write performance, with a couple of indexes and
with the database files on a RAID5 volume, is pretty good.

   Øyvind Møll