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Re: could the second database be on the same PATH with the first one?

> Thanks for all those who answered my newbie questions. here comes another
> one.
> My first ldbm database is under the directory /usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm,
> now I plan to set up the second ldbm database  with different suffix under
> the
> same openLDAP server, can I define it as in the same path
> /usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm?
> I did so in my slapd.conf, but  failed in using ldapadd to set up the
> entries from .ldif file.
> Wish to get your help, I could not figure out from the available documents.
> Thanks ahead.
> Lei Xu

It has to be in it's own unique directory.  Using the same directory
will cause conflicts, as you have seen.