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Re: Backends

Tomas Maly wrote:

> How do the various backends work? I am wondering if the shell, passwd,
> or ldap backends would be of any use, but am not sure how they work. Can
> anyone please explain them or point me to the right place? Thanks.

ldbm is the built-in database, which is stored on dbm-like files.
ldap is a proxy backend, namely a backend that allows one server
    to return the contents of another one
shell,tcl,perl are shellish backends - they provide a reliable conversion
    of ldap operations into popular scripting languages, to allow a very
    and loose implementation of meta-directory operations
passwd implements a very simple view of /etc/passwd data in ldap form
    (work is underway to make it more complete, follow thread
sql is an interface to sql databases via odbc, so that data can be viewed
    form of a directory tree with ldap entries. It is intended to access
    existent rdbms in case you want the sql and the ldap information to be
    consistent and accessible simultaneously.
dnssrv is a little obscure to me. It turns a dns-like search into the
    context of an ldap server if available (please, help me ...)

Bye, Pierangelo.