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LDAP Back-end database access

Hi All, 

I am a new kid in the LDAP block. 

I am trying to use LDAP for user authentication. At present we have our

authentication information for external and internal Person in Oracle
DB. Even after implemeting LDAP for authentication, we will be getting

the Person data created in Oracle Db. 

So, I assume, there should be a way of syncronzing or transporting the
data from Oracle to LDAP. 

Initially, I can create an LDIF file from the Oracle DB and load into
the LDAP database ldbm. I would like to know how i can handle the subsequent
updates/Adds/Deletes in the Oracle Db synced to LDAP. 

Also is there is any way to use Oracle Db as a backend db (existing data
attribites) instead of keeping the directory data in the LDAP ldbm. 

Please help.


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