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RE: undefined attribute

It worked
Thanx a lot
I think i should read up the ldap docs now,I may have more problems once i
get into configuring qmail
Thanx again


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""suresh" <suresh@mithi.com>" wrotes:

Sorry, I have mistaken.

Your entry definition has following errors:
1. Attribute "realname" is not defined in your schema.
2. Attribute "sn" is required by objectClass "person"
   but no "sn" offered.
3. objectClass "FTP" is not defined.

I confirmed entry works well if those error was fixed.

Best regards.

> dn:cn=mark,dc=yahoo,dc=net
> objectclass:organizationalRole
> cn:mark
> userpassword:sun
> objectclass:top
> objectclass:person
> objectclass:qmailuser
> objectclass:FTP
> mailhost:yahoo.net
> mailmessagestore:/virtual/popboxes/mark
> mailquota: 10000000S, 1000C
> uid:mark
> homedirectory:/virtual/popboxes/mark
>>>> realname:mark
> accountstatus:active
> mailforwardingaddress:mark@yahoo.net
> mail:mark@yahoo.net
> mailalternateaddress:qmailuser@yahoo.com

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