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I remember nss_ldap only recognizing a userPassword if it starts with
"{CRYPT}". I'm unsure whether that was fixed or not, but let's say I
have "userPassword: {MD5}$1$.......", an MD5 password. Could that
password be used both for nss_ldap (assuming I hack the code so it takes
the password as the string after the first '}') to read and use with
crypt() (assuming crypt() supports MD5) to allow user logins to a shell,
and also for binding as an authenticated user in OpenLDAP (so they can
modify entries that the have access to)? Somewhere I thought I
read/heard that the MD5 hash is different for LDAP auth and crypt(). Is
this true?


Tomas Maly
"IT Freak"
MontaVista Software
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