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Re: OpenLDAP vs NetScape

Hi all,

        I'm migrating from Netscape Directory Server to OpenLDAP 2.0.7.

        That new server will support 8.000 entries with information for
authentication, qmail integration and personal information, of course.

        The old server have suported 8.000 entries with information for
authentication, Netscape Messaging Server and personal information.

        For now, the OpenLDAP is in test environment.

        I have changed the attributes structure for all entries. With
Directory it looks like so:

dn: uid=flgomes,ou=terceiros,ou=pessoal,o=fazenda,o=sp.gov,c=BR
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: mailRecipient
objectclass: nsLicenseUser
mobile: 0XX-XXXX-XXXX
sn: Gomes
nslicensedfor: mail
createtimestamp: 20000106143149Z
uid: flgomes
givenname: Fabio
employeenumber: XXXXXXXX-X
title: AdmRede
roomnumber: -
userpassword: {SHA}xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=
nswmextendeduserprefs: meDraftFolder=Drafts
nswmextendeduserprefs: meSentFolder=Sent
nswmextendeduserprefs: meTrashFolder=Trash
nswmextendeduserprefs: meInitialized=true
nswmextendeduserprefs: meuserpassword:
cn: Fabio Lourenco Gomes
telephonenumber: ramal XXXX ou XXXX
mail: flgomes@fazenda.sp.gov.br
mailhost: smtp.sede.fazenda.sp.gov.br
maildeliveryoption: mailbox
mailquota: 26214400
modifytimestamp: 20001122120326Z

... and now, with OpenLDAP, it is like that:

dn: uid=flgomes,ou=terceiros,ou=pessoal,o=fazenda,o=sp.gov,c=BR
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: qmailUser
homeDirectory: /home/flgomes
accountStatus: active
uid: flgomes
sn: Gomes
givenName: Fabio
employeeNumber: XXXXXXXX-X
title: AdmRede
roomNumber: 0
cn: Fabio Lourenco Gomes
telephoneNumber: ramal XXXX ou XXXX
userpassword: {SHA}xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=
mail: flgomes@fazenda.sp.gov.br
mailQuota: 26214400

        I have wrote a perl script that searchs for all entries in
Directory and writes in OpenLDAP changing some attribute names,
attribute values and discarding attributes thal will not be used
(Netscape Messaging attributes) and adding attributes to QMail.

        Note that I have added the object class "qmailUser", the schema
to that
objectclass is found with QMail tarball package (source).

        I have configured the OpenLDAP with "schemacheck on" and there
is two
servers: Master and Slave. Both compiled to use BerkeleyDB (SleepCat).

        For a while the OpenLDAP looks like ok. ;-)

        Fábio Gomes

        PS.: Brasileiros, se quiserem uma força em bom e velho
Quem sabe poderemos nos ajudar mutuamente. Certo Facundo?


Facundo César Ortiz wrote:
> Estoy instalando el servidor LDAP  en Linux y no logro hacerlo funcionar. No
> logro dar de alta a nadie.
> Necesito ayuda.
> Gracias.
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> Asunto: OpenLDAP vs NetScape
> All,
>         We are currently in the process of evaluating LDAP servers and are
> looking into OpenLDAP and Netscape.  Can anyone comment on what their
> selection would be if they were looking to use an LDAP server in a critical
> production environment?  I have some experience with OpenLDAP and have
> applied it to some less critical production process but no experience with
> Netscape.
>         Any help or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
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