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Re: performance problems

ldap@x-wing.cc.boun.edu.tr wrote:

> However, when I changed /etc/nsswitch.conf passwd/group entries to ldap, the
> load average of the LDAP server (mostly idle PIII with 64 MB of RAM) rose up
> to 1.25 and would keep rising if I didn't revert /etc/nsswitch.conf back to
> its original form.  Though it was late night (2-3 users on online) LDAP server
> performed very poorly, ls -l on a directory with 10 files took about 30
> seconds.
> To brief up, I wonder if I've done something terribly wrong [by using
> nss_ldap -- it seems to be an overkill to make getpw*/getsp* and all others
> query LDAP] or did others get similar results?

First you should look into "nscd". This caches any nss queries which will mean
that you will hit your directory less.

Secondly you need to get your directory indexing correct, here are the appropriate
lines from my slapd.conf:

cachesize   1000
dbcachesize 100000
index cn,sn,givenname,mail pres,eq,approx,sub
index ou,o,c,dc pres,eq
index uid,uidnumber,gidnumber,iphostnumber pres,eq
index default none

These should give you excelent performance for your environment.


Simon Murcott
e. simon@murcott.net
p. +6421 304555