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Re: Access control for services


Matthew Palmer wrote,
>Sendmail will probably have the functionality in there somewhere, the
>difficulty will be in working through the docs to work out how to turn
>it on... <g>

Very true, the docs are the biggest stumbling blocks. :-(

Basically i need this:

1. Control users who can receive mail from external senders
2. Control users who can send external mail
3. All users should be able to send/receive mail internally

I found something that looks like what i need but it does not use LDAP
to store the access list.


>I don't know what your situation is like, but you might want to
>consider Exim - it is lot easier to work with, and has good LDAP
>support.  I switched over to it from being a hardened Sendmail guru...

LOL, lemme give Exim a shot while i am at it.

-- Shanu

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