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Replog problem with 2.0.7

Hi all,

I'm having kind of a strange problem (aren't they all) with
OpenLDAP 2.0.7 on RH62. I used an RPM so this may be
part of the problem (instead of compiling it myself), but
hear me out anyway:

I read the man page for slapd.replog and it seems to say
that each entry in the replog file begins with the
"replica: <slave hostname>" statement, followed by the
timestamp, followed by stuff that needs to be done to the

When I start up slapd and slurpd, the replog file gets written
into and successfully copied into the replica/ subdirectory by
slurpd, but then I get the following messages (slurpd -d 65535):

new work in /hog/ldap/replogfile
copy replog "/hog/ldap/replogfile" to "/hog/ldap//replica/slurpd.replog"
Replica host.domain.org, skip repl record for uid=testuser, ou=People, dc=domain
, dc=org (not mine)

At close examination, I found that the update statements in the
replogfile are missing the "replica: <slave hostname>" line, and
slurpd is skipping them because it does not think they are
intended for its slave host.

The statements in replogfile all begin with the timestamp instead.

What it appears is that slapd for some reason is not prepending the
"replica: ...." line and slurpd is ignoring the entries with the bottom line
being that replication does not work.

I would almost write it off as a problem with the RPM (some compilation
conflict or some such thing) except that I had the same problem with
openldap 1.2 and at the time I gave up on it, replication not being too
important then.

If anyone has some thoughts on the subject, please CC me in the
answer - I am not on this list.

Thank you,
    Ilia Baldine

Ilia Baldine                         | ibaldin@anr.mcnc.org
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