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Taking backup in ldif format..

Just found the following information from the docs for V2.0.7..
Never tried.. May be usefull..
URL : http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/dbtools.html

7.2.3. The slapcat program

The slapcat program is used to dump the database to an LDIF file. This
can be useful when you want to make a
human-readable backup of your database or when you want to edit your
database off-line. The program is invoked like

        slapcat -l <filename> -f <slapdconfigfile>
                [-d <debuglevel>] [-n <databasenumber>|-b <suffix>]

where -n or -b is used to select the database in the slapd.conf(5)
specified using -f. The corresponding LDIF output is
written to standard output or to the file specified using the -l option.