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authentication in distributed server


I have 2 servers working.

   	         o=RNP.BR (server01)
                 /    \
                /      \
               /        \
 (server01) Subtree01    Subtree02 (server02)

I used referral to made the construction of tree in LDAP.

I has done tests with ldapsearch and it work very well.

Now, I want authenticate using nss_ldap and pam.d. I replaced pam.d to work
with ldap and created  /etc/ldap.conf.

I has done some tests with "su" in the server02, it works well with
users exist in the server02, but don't work with users exist in the server01.

****** file /etc/ldap.conf

port 389
ldap_version 3
base "ou=name_subtree02,o=RNP.BR"  /* I tried put ' base o=RNP.BR ' but don't
                                      work */
scope sub


I don't know what do to server02 authenticate also users presents in server01.
Someone have some idea ?

Tests in server02 with users exist LDAP Server :

# su uid_user_server02
bash# exit
# su uid_user_server01
su: user uid_user_server01 does not exist

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Graciela Machado Leopoldino
Network Analist
National Network of Research