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Choosing a backend

I have searched through the FAQ and mailinglist archives for this, but
I am unable to find any definitive advice on how to choose a backend.

My initial reaction to the LDBM backend was that I was concerned about
its scalability. I do not have any relevant experience with
BerkeleyDB-ish software, as I've only used it for small applications.
Will this scale to a potentially large DIT?

After we decided to upgrade to OpenLDAP v2, I started looking into the
SQL backend, but this backend was apparently not intended as a generic
LDAP storage, but as an interface to already existing database
information, "though it can be used as such with several limitations"
(quote from openldap-2.0.7/servers/slapd/back-sql/docs/concept).
I imagine that a RDBMS backend would scale very well (as databases
usually do), but there are of course problems with using a RDBMS
backend (as described in

So I'm having trouble deciding which backend to use, and I was hoping
to draw on the experience of others.. Any thoughts?