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Re: base search with objectClass=* does not work properly...

At 09:26 PM 1/16/01 +0000, Sukanta Ganguly wrote:
>I saw the code in the 2.0.7 version of openldap that the root_dse_info function which is called in response to the root_dse query (i.e. ldapsearch -b "" -s base "(objectClass=*)" ) does search for the object classes supported within the LDAP server. I saw the scheme DN query that the oc_info method (which browses through all the object classes supported by the LDAP server) is called. But in my case when I send a query
> ldapsearch -b "cn=Subschema" -s base "(objectClass=subschema)"
>it returns me only the hardcoded object classes and not the once present in the system, added by me.
> I hope Kurt reads this email since I think he could provide more insights to this. Was this how it is supposed to function or is this an oversight?
>  What am I doing wrong here? From the RFC 2251 cn=subschema should also return all the object classes. Ain't that right???

RFC 2251, 4.51:
     Furthermore, servers will not return operational attributes, such  
     as objectClasses or attributeTypes, unless they are listed by name,
     since there may be extremely large number of values for certain  
     operational attributes.