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inetOrgPerson (was RE: )

At 09:14 PM 1/16/01 +0100, Alexandre Ghisoli wrote:
>> > oc.add("inetOrgPerson");
>> > oc.add("organizationalPerson");
>> > oc.add("person");
>> > oc.add("top");
>add oc.add("pilotPerson");

Don't do that!  If you are creating an inetOrgPerson object,
you should list inetOrgPerson object class as well as classes
which are in the superclass chain.  pilotPerson is not in the
superclass chain of the inetOrgPerson class and hence the
above is an object class violation (2.0 doesn't detect
these, but 2.1 will!)

When configuring OpenLDAP 2.0 for inetOrgPerson, include
core.schema, cosine.schema, and inetorgperson.schema in that
order.  Then restart slapd AND verify the attribute types
and object classes are listed in the subschema (cn=Subschema).
[Note that subschema attributes are operational and must
be requested to be returned].

Once you have done this, you can try to add an inetOrgPerson
object.  If it fails, check the servers logs for details.


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>> Hi,
>> It still says the same thing....Attribute not allowed. If I try to use 
>> anything which is not in core.schema then it says so.
>> Both "pilotPerson" and "inetOrgPerson" are defined in
>> cosine.schema & inetorgperson.schema
>> I have included both these files in slapd.conf. I also did a stop 
>> and start 
>> server. But then also its not working.
>> Thanks
>> Monica