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Re: TLS and slurpd

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Folks,
> I've read several postings late last year about problems
> using slurpd with the tls=[yes|critical] option on replicas.
> I keep getting a
>         TLS: could not allocate default ctx
> error in the slurpd log and the connection replication fails.
> Is this supposed to be working in 2.0.7?  I'll keep looking
> through the code, but I wanted to run this quick question
> by everyone.

More information after adding some debug messages....

   TLS: could not allocate default ctx.
   error:140A90A1:SSL routines:SSL_CTX_new:library has no ciphers

Now this is strange since the StartTLS command for 
the client tools works when querying slapd.

Cheers, jerry
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