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RE: How sunstable is 2.07

I was running 2.0.7 on Solaris 2.6 (Dual sparc processors, gig of ram, etc)
and under fairly heavey load it would segmentation fault (Running times
varied from two days to two hours). The load we are talking about is approx
10 million connections in a 24 hour period, sometimes more.

1.2.11 ran into threads issues, and 1.2.11 without threads has been solid as
a rock.

Hope it helps,

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On 12 Jan 2001, Vetle Roeim wrote:

> * Pedro Melo
> > Hi!
> >
> > 2.0.7 has been more stable to me than 1.2.x series...
> really? then why is 1.2.11 still the official stable release?

Because he said for _ME_. But I haven't seen any reports on poor server
issues with 2.0.7 that weren't in fact hardware problems or incomplete
development issues lately.

However stable doesn't just mean it won't tumble over. It also depends on
wether or not all planned features for that version are present.


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