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Re: groupOfURLs objectClass

At 09:32 PM 1/11/01 +0100, Mikkel Heisterberg wrote:
>I'm uncertain of the definition of the USAGE property of the attributetype

These are described in X.500 documents.  In general, user
attributes are USAGE userApplications (the default) and other
usages are operational, meaning they are used by or maintained
by server(s) in order to provide the directory service.

>Do anyone have another definition of the memberURL
>attributetype that is "more correct" or just correct (proven by

The correct definition is the one provided by the OID owner.
In this case, Netscape.  There should also be some specification
of the semantics of the objects created in accordance with this

>In regard to the URL syntax, I thought the when accessing a groupOfURLs
>object the server would expand the query and return a result similar to a
>groupOfNames query.

I haven't read a specification of the semantics of memberURL/groupOfURLS
so I cannot comment as to whether or not your statement is correct.

My point is that implementation of an operational attribute type
requires more than schema specification, it requires modification
of the server to provide the appropriate semantics.