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Re: Newbie question -ldbm database

configure found something suitable for use otherwise it would
have constructed a build environment.

At 11:06 AM 1/11/01 -0500, Xu Lei wrote:
>I downloaded and extract( I did not remember I install it) the Sleepycat
>Berkeley DB before I install the OpenLADP on Red Hat 7.0, The directive for
>database directory in my slapd.conf is automatically set as
>/usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm,  I did not modify it.
>My OpenLDAP is running well.
>According to the Administrator's Guide, the  operating system may provide
>database packages. If  these packages are not available at configure time,
>slapd has no primary database backend.
>I wonder whether my slapd is running without a database backend or,  Red Hat
>7.0 has provided
>the required database. I need the solution because I plan to implemente
>another OpenLDAP server.