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problems getting openldap to use TCP wrappers

Hi All,

I've succesfully done a 'minimal' install of openldap-1.2.11 and it works fine. Hwr, when I come to install it with tcp wrappers, the install tests fail. I've used the following for the config:

$ ./configure --prefix=/blah/blah --without-threads --enable-wrappers


$ make install    # fine
$ make            # fine
$ cd tests
$ make            # fails on the ldapsearch - cannot contact the LDAP server

Carrying on the installation and starting the slapd daemon results also in an inability to contact the LDAP server.

Any idea where the fault is ???

I've placed the libwrap.a library in the LDFLAGS search path. The library is from a build of tcp_wrappers 7.6 and I've also got CPPFLAGS pointing to the tcp_wrapppers header files. The OS is solaris 2.7 and the compiler GNU gcc 2.8.1.

Any help would be *very* useful.
thanks in advance,

Ian C. Smith,
e-mail: i.c.smith@liverpool.ac.uk
Address: Computer Sevices Department,
        Brownlow Hill Building - room G11,
        The University of Liverpool,
        Liverpool L69 3BX.