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Re: configure issue with pthread

>Redhat 7.0 has a *lot* of issues relating to its version of GCC. even
>linus torvalds is saying it is "unusable" for software development.
>i suggest you "upgrade" to 6.2

Well, Linux has a self-professed tendancy to over state things, and he's also
come back and said people we're taking his comments about 7.0 to seriously.

I run OpenLDAP (with the RPM version) on RH7.0 & 6.2,  both work wonderfully. 
Both have the current updates/packages.

I though that OpenLDAP had threading issues on Linux in general,  which is why I
went from using the TGZ-self-compiled to the RPM version.  Several oddities went
away when I did so.

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