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Re: Performance Tuning

----------------------------------------- (on rodin)

noname was scanned on KRDL Mail Gateway and no virus found

Thank you for the reply.  :-)

> > Hi,
> > We are doing some performance testing on our server which is connected to an
> > openldap slapd.  In the testing program, we do the following operations for
> > 100 times: query the ldap server, modify entries, delete the entries, and
> > create them again.
> Assuming n = 1000

> 1. Query n entries.
> 2. Modify all of those n entries in some way,
> 3. Delete all of those n entries.
> 4. Re-Add the same n entries.

1. Query n entries.
2.  For each entry, do:
     3. Modify all of those n entries in some way,
     4. Delete all of those n entries.
     5. Re-Add the same n entries.

> Is this how the test is running?
> LDAP is really not designed for constant change, so the following operations
> are all usually very, very, slow:
> 1. Modification
> 2. Delete
> 3. Add
> The following operation is usually very, very, fast:
> 1. Query (like a database select).
Unfortunately, after the above test procedure, Query has become very slow.  What we are afraid of is whether the performance of the ldap server will gradually reduced in a long run after rare changes are accumulated.  

> > The result is not very promising.  The query time is increased from 0.223
> > second
> This seems very, very, slow. (If this is for each record).
Nop, it is for 58 records.  

> Possible causes:
> a) modification tracking is on (All entries are now larger by 4 lines, until
> deleted?)
> b) replication is on (your replication deletions are still running, long after
> the records have been been removed from the master?)
> c) something else. :-)

> What does your directory look like after the entries have been deleted, but
> before maore have been addded? Are the indicies large? 
Yes, the index files grow.

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