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Re: apache + openldap

"Carl St-Jacques" <carlstj@home.com> writes:

> We are looking for an apache module that can authenticate your users inside
> ldap groups and sub-groups. Right now we are using Netscape servers and it's
> working great. We tried with this module:
> http://www.muquit.com/muquit/software/mod_auth_ldap/mod_auth_ldap.html
> without success. Does anybody know an apache module that can do groups and
> sub-groups authentification for users.

There were a bunch of Apache modules discussed on this list last week.
I'm not aware of any that can do sub-group authentication. In fact, as
an author of one of those modules (http://www.rudedog.org/auth_ldap),
it's my feeling that it's a bad idea to try to do recursive group member
compares, because it turns a simple LDAP compare operation into a whole
bunch of search and compare operations, and would severely impact
Apache's performance.

I don't know how the netscape web server does nested groups, but I bet
there is some kind of LDAP server-side optimization that they use.

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