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Re: Syntax Types in Schema

Adding a new LDAP syntax requires extending the server such that
it can validate values conform to the syntax.  Normally one would
also extends the server to support matching of values of the syntax.

Alternatively, you can use an existing syntax, such as octetString
or directoryString, and have applications restrict themselves
to a subset of the possible values.  In this case, the server
would have no understanding of the application's syntax nor able
to do any application specific matching.

At 12:11 PM 1/5/01 -0500, Landon McDowell wrote:

>        I want to add several syntaxes to the schema. The Administrator's
>Guide in the "Extending Schema" section says this is possible. I cannot
>find the documentation that tells how this is done. 
>        Can someone tell me how to create new syntaxes or point me to the
>        As a reference, this is one of the syntaxes that I want to create:
><GroupRejectSyntax> :: [<RejectType>] <RejectAction>
>   <RejectType> :: 'SIZE:' | 'DOMAIN:' | 'SENDER:'
>   <RejectAction> :: 'REPLY' | 'BOUNCE' | 'TOMODERATOR'
>                        Thanks,
>                        Landon McDowell