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Re: User friendly tool

Here is a link to download law:  http://rolodap.sourceforge.net/law/law.tar.gz

To configure the program you need to edit the law/config/law.conf file with your
LDAP server's settings.  This file is commented so it should be pretty straight
forward to setup.

If you need to customize the attributes that LAW is using to match those of your
schema look in the law/custom directory at the files *-forms.phtml and
ldap*-arrays.phtml.  All of the forms and the modify arrays are handled here and
are pretty easy to modify.  I know we store addresses a little differently than
is normal, we store then as they would appear on an address label so we just
have 3 or more address values in a single attribute.

I have been using this pointing to a Iplanet Directory server, but it should
work with OpenLDAP (I know rolodap does).

Many of the features that I want to add to LAW I have already implemented in
Rolodap, but just haven't had time to put them back into LAW.  I have every
intention to start a LAW sourceforge project in the very near future so I can
share it's continued development with everyone, once again I just haven't had

If you are interested in just an online address book, you might want to consider
using Rolodap, which is a multi user contacts management system, more with end
users in mind.  LAW is perfectly capable for end users to use, but is more
intended to provide user information for a group of users that probably are
using email and the like authenticated via LDAP.  Rolodap is more intended as a
repository of contact information, ie no passwords or email info (other than
their email address), kind of like an online version of the Netscape Address

LAW is GPL'ed, so take that for what it is.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.


Martijn Pronk wrote:

> On Friday 05 January 2001 15:59, you wrote:
> > I have a web based tool that I wrote using PHP for administering
> > LDAP directories.  It is called L.A.W. (Ldap Administrator for the Web).
> > I haven't released it anywhere yet, but I use it to manage our directories
> > internally.  It is pretty feature complete, it just needs to be a little
> > more configurable.  If anyone is interested I could post a tar ball
> > somewhere.  It requires PHP 4 for its session management tools, a web
> > server (I use Apache), and a browser with minimal javascript support.
> Hi Daniell,
> I'm very interrested in your "project", so could you mail me (or post) a link
> to the tarball?
> I could help make it a bit more configurable and if neccesary more platform
> independant.
> I'm currently in a project where we would need an addresbook in a webpage,
> and this looks interresting.
> Thanks,
> Martijn Pronk

Daniell Freed
Computer Services
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