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Re: User friendly tool

I have a web based tool that I wrote using PHP for administering
LDAP directories.  It is called L.A.W. (Ldap Administrator for the Web).
I haven't released it anywhere yet, but I use it to manage our directories
internally.  It is pretty feature complete, it just needs to be a little more
configurable.  If anyone is interested I could post a tar ball somewhere.  It
requires PHP 4 for its session management tools, a web server (I use Apache),
and a browser with minimal javascript support.

If you want a very basic idea of what it looks like look at
http://rolodap.sourceforge.net.  Rolodap is a contacts management project that
I am working on that I initially based on the code from LAW.  There is a link
to a demo on that page.  While there are significant differences on what you
can do with Rolodap and LAW, the basic look and feel is similar.

Daniell Freed
Computer Services
Dewitt, Ross, & Stevens S.C.

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Vetle Roeim wrote:

> * Anita Suriarajan
> > Hi All,
> >
> >    Is there any user friendly tool available to add,delete or modify entry
> > in the LDAP directory server???
> There are several web-based tools available. I've only tried the LDAP
> Explorer[1].. It's ok, and suits our needs.
> Web-based tools are great if there is a large diversity of different
> types that need to access it.
> vr
> [1]: <URL:http://igloo.its.unimelb.edu.au/LDAPExplorer/>