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Server-specific Data Requeriments

I've been read the RFC 2251 and it tells that:
" An LDAP server MUST provide information about itself and other information that is specific to each server. This is represented as a group of attributes located in the root DSE (DSA-Specific Entry),which is named with the zero-length LDAPDN. "

Well, I have been instaled an OpenLDAP server version 2.0.14 in one machine with IP and Netscape Directory Server in other machine with IP

I do the next request at both machines :
 ldapsearch -s base-h -b "" '(objectclass=*)'

The machine with Netscape Directory Server answer with the next information:
objectclass: top
namingcontexts: o=rdi-net.com
namingcontexts: o=NetscapeRoot
subschemasubentry: cn=schema
supportedcontrol: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.2
supportedcontrol: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.3
supportedldapversion: 2
supportedldapversion: 3

but the anwer of the OpenLdap server is:
objectclass: top
objectclass: OpenLDAProotDSE

And the others attributes don't appear.

Whitch is the problem?

I don'n have the entries cn=monitor and cn=schema on the root of the OpenLDAP Server
but this entries appear on the root of thr NetscapeDirectory Server.

What I do for add this entries?

Thank for all! Bye