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RE: EGD not used?

This was also my question, where is the TLS_RANDFILE option
documented?  Also, if this option applies to the server,
does it go in ldap.conf or should it be in slapd.conf?


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> From: Allan E Johannesen [mailto:aej@WPI.EDU]
> Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 1:55 PM
> To: GOMBAS Gabor
> Cc: Karl Bolingbroke; openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
> Subject: Re: EGD not used?
> >>>>> "gombasg" == GOMBAS Gabor
> <gombasg@inf.elte.hu> writes:
> gombasg> OpenLDAP first looks for TLS_RANDFILE in
> ldap.conf; if there is no
> gombasg> such directive, it will consult the
> RANDFILE environment variable.
> How does one learn this?  TLS_RANDFILE does not
> appear in the 2.0.7 ldap.conf
> man page.