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Re: Apache LDAP - please


On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Henrik Lassen wrote:
> But what module are people using for Apache??
You  have  essentially  two  options: the first is mod_auth_ldap,
which you can get from


I have used this on several occasions but the last time a looked,
the  nameing  conventions  for  a module were still not fully ob­
served, which made some code modifications necessary to  load  it
as a DSO.

Then  there  is my own mod_authz_ldap, which has as primary focus
the verification of SSL-authenticated users' client  certificates
in  an  LDAP  directory  and to map the certificate distinguished
names to principal distinguished names in your own directory. You
can get mod_authz_ldap from


And maybe there are others.

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