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Re: LDAP-Question about connection to a central database

It is certainly possible to have an RDBMS synchronize with an LDAP
directory. Since you are posting here, I am supposing you are using
OpenLDAP; I don't know of any tools that do this for you.

You will probably have to design your own code for doing that. In
principle, you "SELECT * FROM dbtable" and compare by doing an
equivilant of ldapsearch if all attribute types and their values
are set in the directory. If not you do an ldap_modify(3). If an
entry is not in the directory, you'll have to ldap_add(3) it and
if an entry is in the directory but not in the database, you would
probably ldap_delete(3) it.

It is not difficult to do, but requires careful thought. I've been
able to do this, because I will have a maximum of about 10k entries.
This alone already takes a good 20 minutes to sync.


On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, manfred.steinbacher@avl.com wrote:

> Hello
> I´m new with LDAP and I have following question:
> We have a central database where our user-information were stored!
> In the moment our LDAP-Server import every day a ascii-file (we get it from
> our central-database)!
> The problem is, when we change any settings for a user we must first delete
> this user and after that we make a import form the central-database!
> Is it possible that the LDAP-Server synchronice with our Database
> (Orcale-System) or any other way to solve this problem!
> Best Regards
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