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How to setup Directory Structure under OpenLDAP 2.0.7..Newbie question

Hello All,

I have been going through the motions of setting up an LDAP testbed, have
read much documentation (i.e. man pages and "Implementing LDAP") but I find
info on how you actually create the directory structure a bit light in both

What I'm looking at doing is moving a pile of NIS+ username and passwords
into my ldap server.  Now I've done a dump out to a flat text file of all
this info and I've written a perl script create an ldif file with the
pertainent info.  Now I know that I should use ldapadd to import the ldif
file into the directory server, BUT I'm not sure how to setup the directory
tree structure.

I.E. I'm looking for something line this:

                            /            \
                        people        dhcp

where the "make believe" domain name of the company is bla_corp.ca

I want to dump the username and passwords (and gobs of other stuff...later)
into the 'people' subdir.  Is this tree structure specified in the
slapd.conf file or is in layed out in the imported ldif file?