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subtree replication with 1.2.x

 I have read that with the tools provided with OpenLDAP, subtree
replication isn't possible. I am using 1.2.11 since some of the software
I use depends on version 2 LDAP. I am wondering if there is some hack to
make this work. My setup is as follows:

Master LDAP Server

I am using qmail-ldap for email, and it puts a quite heavy load on the
system when it searches the ldap directory as each message arrives. I
believe the reason for this is that I have a quite restrictive set of
ACL's, and that fact can't be helped. I would like to make a server that
receives updates from the master and only contains the following, for
all my authentication and messaging needs:

Replicated authentication server

I do not want to build a distributed directory, however. I want to
maintain the entire directory on the master. What would happen if I set
up replication between the master and the authentication server, copied
the entire database over, and then deleted everything except ou=accounts
(without updateref enabled)from the authentication server? Would slurpd
from the master continue to readd every new entry from the master, and
how would it handle changes when the item simply didn't exist on the

 If anybody has any patches to enable subtree replication or ideas on
how to make it work, then please let me know.