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Related question

Hi all,

	As I mentioned in an earlier message, I had a similar problem a few weeks
ago on an earlier line in the file (call it line 37).  However, when I
counted down 37 lines into the file & edited the line (even to the point of
totally *removing the line* & typing it in again), it made no difference.
After much hair-pulling, I discovered that the problem was on a *different*
line - but the computer reported it as line 37 because it was the 37th
*NON-BLANK* line in the file!  Once I edited *that* line, the problem
skipped down about 40 lines or so - which is where I find myself now... (I
just *wish* I could remember what the original cause was!!)

Is this (counting only the non-blank lines in the file) the default, or am I

Thanks again,