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RE: Importing an LDIF file

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> > Would it help if I were to post the *format* of the ldif file?
> Yes. The debug stuff you posted didn't do anything for me.

Well, shoot - that was the entire output.  OK, I'll just go ahead & post the
ldif file with the personal info removed (as per Mike's suggestion).

I *might* not be able to post it tonight, but I *should* be able to get it
done by early tomorrow.

> I'm still not clear whether the problem is a particular a entry
> (or entries)
> that are invalid, or if your whole file just bombs out immediately?

Oops - I apologize for not being more clear in that respect.  It seems to
accept the first few lines OK, it's been bombing out on line 83 - but I also
had this problem on an earlier line (several weeks ago), I fixed it on that
line, then got called off to do another project, & by the time I was able to
get back to this, I'd forgotten what the original misconfiguration was.

If my suspicion is correct, the NT box that creates this ldif file is doing
something that causes it to be formatted incorrectly - and since the file is
so large, & since this has to be done daily, correcting it by hand is
effectively out of the question.

> What happens if you run ldapadd with the -c option?

Hmm.  The error on line 83 is the only one that it reports...  (I *couldn't*
be that lucky!)

Nope, I just performed an ldapsearch for the first non-group entry in the
ldif file & it tells me that there is "no such object".  BTW, this entry is
entirely contained before line 83 - I had thought that perhaps it was
accepting those entries prior to line 83, but that does not appear to be the

Regardless, I will post the ldif file in question as soon as I possibly can.
I truly appreciate your willingness (both of you!) to share your expertise.

Merry Christmas,