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RE: Importing an LDIF file

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> > Hello all,
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> > I have installed OpenLDAP 1.2.9-6 (from an rpm file) onto a RedHat 6.x
> > system.  Everything went well until I had to import the LDIF file that
> > contains the employee information for the company.  It seems
> > that regardless
> > of what I try, it continues to fail, displaying the message
> >
> > "ldapadd: invalid format (line xx of entry: o=<domain>,c=US"
> Post the ldif you are trying to import, or send it to me and I´ll look
> at it.
> Mike

*Believe me,* I'd love to, but it contains info like employee home phone
numbers & such, so I don't think that would work (no offense!).  I guess I
was kind of hoping that this would jog someone's memory of some
similar-but-obscure problem that didn't show up when I searched on dejanews
& the list archives...

Would it help if I were to post the *format* of the ldif file?

I *do* appreciate the offer though!

Happy holidays,