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Re: using LDAP for authentication

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 01:24:58PM +0800, Yong Tai Pang wrote:
> This is what i gathered after plowing thru mailing list
> seems that it is not in the FAQ or admin guide
> my authentication method is based on entries in the /etc/passwd file
> for SASL n other stuffs, need to search the mailing list.

Thanks for your help but I am looking for information on a good schema
to use.  At this stage we would be running only 1 LDAP server.   Maybe
we'll run another at some stage with replication before using more to
hold other data (well our userbase isn't big enough at this stage).

I was just wanting to see documentation on what might be a good schema
to replaced passwd, but not get the passwords from it (but will need to
migrate them out of there somehow; maybe MigrationTools from pabl.com).
But if you happen to know if any articles or docs that have some good 
examples of LDAP being used for the same thing as NIS (but I've never 
used that)... so basically just network wide authentication then it 
would be apprieciated if you could tell me about them.

In particurlar I'd like to know what fieldnames/attributes that
libnss-ldap and libpam-ldap want.


Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia