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Re: slow performance on RH 6

> We were running OpenLDAP 1.2.11 (I think) on Caldera Linux with great
> success.
> We upgraded to RedHat 6 and OpenLDAP 2.07, and now *most* LDAP queries are
> very slow *most* of the time. Queries done locally using 'ldapsearch' seem
> fine, but queries from Outlook and CGIs (using perl Net::LDAP module) can
> take up to 15 seconds. However, intermittently and rarely, a person using
> Outlook will get a quick response.
> I'm not sure if this is due to something different in the later version of
> OpenLDAP, or something different in RedHat. Any suggestions?

Is your database indexed well, or do you just have an index on objectclass?