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Re: cofunsed about authentication methods and tools

At 10:26 PM 12/15/00 +0100, Manfred Gschweidl wrote:
>hello again!
>sorry for bothering you again, but at the moment i'm a little bit confused
>after reading different articles and papers in the net.
>i wanna use cyrus's imap implementation.
>so i decided to you follwing constellation.
>cyrus-imap -> pam_ldap -> openldap -> sasl (GSSAPI, PLAIN, etc.)
>can this be done, or should i use following configuration?
>cyrus-imap -> sasl (GSSAPI, PLAIN, etc.)
>any hints or tipps?

Pick an authentication service and work back from there.

It would be quite pointless for cyrus-imap to go through PAM
to get at an LDAP service which is using some SASL mechanism
to get at some authentication service when a more direct
route to that authentication service is available.