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OpenLDAP and threading on Linux

hi everybody,

recently my company ditched exchange and i successfully replaced the
exchange contacts stuff with an LDAP-based address book, which now also
handles authentication for a couple internal websites. the software setup is
as follows:

- redhat 6.2 / i386
- openldap 2.0.6 compiled with tls (openssl 0.9.6), berkeleyDB backend and
using simple authentication (no SASL or kerberos or anything like that).
- i'm talking to LDAP from a Zope application server using the python-ldap

i had assumed at least some kind of speedup if i compile it with-threads,
but i'm seeing just the opposite: requests take quite a bit longer. so i am
back to single threaded operation which is reliable, but quite slow. i was
comparing the two setups using the same backend and the same slapd.conf.

has anyone seen this behavior before and knows if this is a linux threading
issue or some other bottleneck that i should look at?

any help appreciated :)



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