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Re: Setting up LDAP database

srihari parimi wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to LDAP and want to set up LDAP database - basically I
> want to know how to create a new Object Class - which is akin to
> table in SQL database - which has attributes defined by me and
> then do operations like Add, Delete, Modify etc. Which file should
> that new object class be defined ??

You mentioned SQL database - this, again, leads to the question -
whether you need it with LDAP at all.

Once again:

If you are setting up plain new LDAP service - DO NOT use back-sql - it
is shurely no better than ldbm, lacks some functionality, and,
_primarily_ - it is designed not for this!

It may help to export EXISTING RDBMS data to use with LDAP-talking
applications, to avoid duplication, allow interoperability, distribution
and things.

Sorry, if you really mean you need back-sql here, but please state it
clearer then, because I'm too tired of posting all the same ;)

Now for your questions:

If you use ldbm backend, then you define your schema (including new
objectclasses) in files included in slapd.conf (see *.schema on OpenLDAP
2.x, and *.??.conf on 1.x, format differs, and semantics too)

If you use back-sql, then you have to additionally provide
metainformation about mapping these objectclasses to your tables.
See OpenLDAP's lists' archives - I posted links and comments about this
_lots_ of times.
Just search for "back-sql", or "SQL".

> It would be helpful if some one could give pointers

there are tons of them in the archives, and on the site (whole
Administrators Guide, FAQ, etc)

WBW, Dmitry