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RE: Suffix format: "dc=xyz, dc=com" or "dc=xyz.com" ?

The format of dc=xxx, dc=yyy etc evolved from the traditional X. 500 naming standard that involves OUs, Os and Cs. The idea is to create entries that can easily be represented in a tree hierarchy and unless you are thinking strictly within your organisation _only_ without any views of ever connecting your organisation's LDAP tree with a wider (global?) tree using the later dc would cause you great headaches! 
Think about it, it might seem logical to say xyz.com at the root of your tree however when you define entreis for say mary smity you will set her DN as cn=mary, dc = xyz.com according to your suggestion... but then why not just say
DN: cn=mary.xyz.com or cn=mary@xyz.com 
you see what I am getting at... if you do that then you don't have a tree structure anymore, instead you have a list of different entries all at the same level. By the same token if your organisation and everybody else decide they want their DN to be in the form of xyz.com then it is going to be much more difficult to establish a tree hierarchy of distinct information at each level.
Besides, I find the proper notation more user-friendly and easy to get your head around (especially when you are designing a new tree structure).
this is my humble opinion anyway...,
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Subject: Suffix format: "dc=xyz, dc=com" or "dc=xyz.com" ?

Could somebody pro/con the two formats.  It seems more logical to myself to use the later.  The former seems to imply two distinct entries.
Thoughts ?
Paul Duffy