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ldap superior/subordinate howto

I've been trying to "glue" two ldap db togethor with no success.  I tried to
search the archives but got zero results (no matter what I typed).  Could
someone please give me a detailed description or point me to some good
documentation on how referrals work and how to apply the "glue"?  I used the
example in the 2.0.7 SLAPD admin guide but it left me more confused than
ever.  Is there an RFC outlining the proposed solution?  Thanks for any

I'm running slapd 2.0.7 on a rh 7.0 Intel linux box and slapd 2.0.6 on a
solaris 7 box on the other.

Matthew Hoskins -- Cisco Certified Network Associate
Ponyexpress.net / MagicCablePC / NPGCO
Systems Administrator