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Re: Referrals

At 10:49 AM 12/6/00 -0800, Hong, Linh M wrote:
>Hello All,
>I am looking to implement LDAP for referrals to other servers.  But, do the
>referrals have to be referrals to other LDAP servers?

Technically, no.  However, each referral must be equally capable of
provided the requested information.  So, in practice, all are LDAP
(or LDAPS) URLs.

>Can they be email

There is no defined mechanism for a email server to perform a
directory operation.

>Am I able to specify any URL within the referral attribute within
>an entry?

Yes.  But most URL schemes make no sense.

>I'm fairly new to LDAP, but, I've only seen instances of using LDAP
>referrals to other LDAP servers.