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request for sample cyrus-sasl configuration


After trying to solve a problem I am having with openldap <-> cyrus-sasl
by reading the docs, understanding what I could understand, searching the
mailing lists, I turn to this mailing list for help.

I don't know how to get cyrus-sasl configured partly because I don't have
any worked out example to study and partly because I find the sparse
cyrus-sasl documentation more a theorethical explanation than something
I could use to get me going.

When I do ldapsearch with -x, everything work just fine, but when I try without
the -x (using sasl) or with the -I (interactive, using sasl), I will get the
message; "ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute". It looks like I have
a non working configuration of cyrus-sasl. I would like to configure my
cyrus-sasl installation if I know how to do it. I could configure and compile
OpenLDAP without support for cyrus-sasl and forget about the problem.. but I
would prefer to learn how I can setup a working cyrus-sasl configuration for
OpenLDAP. I hope I have given enough information to get helped, if not please
let me know.
could someone help me with this ?.
your help is much appreciated.


Luciano Jankok.