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ldap design

we were initially using only one suffix in the slapd.conf. but now, there
are requests to create additional suffixes for a few more domains.

initially, the only suffix is:
suffix: dc=domain1,dc=com,dc=sg

now,  we need to create a few more domains:
suffix: dc=domain2, dc=com
suffix: dc=domain3, dc=org
suffix: dc=domain4, dc=gov, dc=sg

should i change my name space design to following?
o=domain1.com.sg, c=sg
o=domain2.com, c=sg
o=domain3.org, c=sg
o=domain4.gov.sg, c=sg

i would really like to be able to continue using the dcobject class if it's
possible to create the following design while able to perform search across
all 4 domains. what should i put for the root?
dc=domain2, dc=com
dc=domain3, dc=org
dc=domain4, dc=gov, dc=sg

pls advise a recommeded design so that each suffix/domain is using a
separate database and also to be able to perform search for domain1 and
domain2 while blocking access to domain3 and domain4.