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LDAP Error


Im just a newbie in configuring this LDAP service. I encountered this
problem upon connecting to my LDAP server.  "LDAP ERROR 'No such object
(0x20)'. What should I do? Can somebody help me.

Im running my LDAP in our internal network first.
Here's howmy slapd.conf run:

#general directives
access to "dn.*,dc=rudy,dc=intra,dc=meridiantelekoms,dc=com"
    by * write
    by * write
    by * read
defaultaccess write
include /usr/local/openldap/slapd.at.conf
include /usr/local/openldap/slapd.oc.conf
loglevel 256
referral ldap://rudy.intra.meridiantelekoms.com
sizelimit 500
timelimit 3600

#database directives
database ldbm

readonly off
suffix "dc=rudy,dc=intra,dc=meridiantelekoms,dc=com"
rootdn "cn=Systems
directory /usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm

I also tried to use my passwd as the database but it doesnt work,
everytime i run slapd with debug level at 256 it says "database
unrecognized". How can i make my passwd as an alternative database in
case my ldbm doesnt work?

Can somebody help me pls :)