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RE: Kerberos 5 support

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> Is there any particular reason why Kerberos 5 support hasn't been
> implemented in OpenLDAP yet?  Or has it?  The manual page for
> ldap_bind that
> I have (OK, dated 22 September 1998 - they came with Debian 2.2)
> state that
> Kerberos 4 is the supported version.  Is that now incorrect as of latest
> versions?

> Also, what is the status of Kerberos-based link encryption?  Obviously SSL
> is a possibility, but I understand that it requires the Netscape SDK, and
> Kerberos does have support for link encryption.  Are there any plans to
> incorporate this as an alternative, or is it already available?

SSL support does not require the Netscape SDK. I believe Kerberos 5 support
in OpenLDAP 2.x comes via SASL and GSSAPI. You're looking at a doc dated
September 1998 here in December 2000 and believing that is still the state
the world??

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