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Solaris and LDAP


I've been assigned to take a deeper look at LDAP servers as a NIS replacement.

As you can see I have taken OpenLDAP as a testplatform and might even use it in a production enviroment if we find it stable enough.

Now to my problem.

When I try to add a Solaris 8 computer to the LDAP server it complains. After digging through the man pages i tried to create a profile for my S8 computer.

In this profile I find attributes and objectclasses that I cant find a schema for.

Help! Where can I find this? (SunSolve Online doesn't help very much).

Now to my next question.

And that concerns LDAP and Solaris 7. I downloaded nss_ldap and tried to compile it but it failed. Anyone that has expirience with nss_ldap that can help me? (The nice thing with nss_ldap is that it works with linux and our number of linux users are increasing).

Thanks in advance, -- Roger Martensson E-Mail: Roger.Martensson@ite.mh.se Genvagen 56C S-831 42 OSTERSUND Magister Mundi Sum SWEDEN Work: +46-(0)63-16 54 45 Home: +46-(0)63-139583 Cell: +46-(0)70-629 54 45