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Removing a record from LDAP

I have a question for all you wonderfull OpenLDAP folk.

I have a whole bunch of email users (We'll just pretend it's using the qmail
schema for simplicity).

Each user has a uid, mail address and maybe a password (Among other
things)... What I'm wondering is, if this user also "belongs" to a
distribution list (Eg, the email user's DN is stored in this distribution
list as a uniqueMember attribute), is there a way to force the LDAP server
to automatically delete the uniqueMember entry from this distribution list
when the user's email record is deleted?


DN="uid=laurence, o=Company LTD, c=CA"

Now on the distribution list there are a whole bunch of:

uniqueMember="uid=laurence, o=Company LTD, c=CA"

Is there a way to force the deletion of the uniqueMember when I delete the
email user?
I know that I can do it manually, but I'm wondering if there is an automatic
way to do this?


Laurence Brockman
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